Choosing the Right Awning for your Caravan

Modern caravanning lifestyles have greatly changed thanks to major upgrades in the last few years. Heavy-duty, high-performance, and versatile awnings add a lot of functionality of a typical caravan. In fact, the awning can be used for a lot of purposes.


type of a caravan awningBefore you determine the specific awnings needs you have, you need to know various types of awnings that are on the market. A traditional awning ought to be fixed to the caravan, and it consists of changeable walls and a roof. There is also a modular awning that can easily be annexed to other awnings to increase the covered area. Another type of awning is the leaning porch that protrudes from a caravan as a roof and has three walls. Also, there is a freestanding awning, which is a standalone structure with four walls and a roof. The last type is the sunroof awning. The good thing about this awning is that it has a minimal design with no walls and a roof.

Spatial requirements

You need to know your spatial requirements as this will determine the right type of a caravan to purchase. If you are a beginner in caravanning, you need to consider the number of people you will travel with. A couple can do with an annex or small leaning porch. However, if you are a large group, you need a caravan awning that can accommodate over five people.

Another thing that is determined by spatial requirements is the activities you will engage in. Are you just buying a semi-open space for sleeping or reading? You may also need a caravan awning to accommodate your family and friends for dinner.


Check whether the awning you are purchasing is compatible with the caravan. This means you have to take the dimensions of the caravan. It is necessary to take accurate measurements unless you are buying a freestanding awning should be compatible with the caravan

Awning material

You can narrow your options if you only understand the merits and demerits of caravan awning material. For instance, awnings made of polyester have benefits such as quick-drying, easy to install, lightweight, and easy to remove. If you are caravanning for over the weekend, then you should consider lightweight awning. You can also invest in heavy-duty awnings that are made of Tyvek or other materials that over water, UV, and sun protection.