Household Pest Infestation That Must Concern You

Don’t you realize that you are not alone at home? And we are not discussing some paranormal activities here, but other creatures that are more dangerous than mere ghosts. And those are household pests.

Rodents, mites, bugs, and even bats are all disease-carrying animals that can make anyone inside the house sick. Now, let us discuss their infestation further.

Bats Infestation

bats There are two kinds of bats: the blood-sucking ones, and the fruit-eaters. Although both are equally dangerous to have at home, the bloodsucking bats are potentially more harmful than the other. Bats can carry rabies, and cause lungs infection.

A bat’s bite transmits rabies virus. And as we know it, rabies is a fatal disease that can impair one’s brain. The bat’s dropping is also detrimental to our health. A fungus called histoplasma capsulatum thrives in bat’s droppings. Their spores can go airborne, and if they enter our respiratory tract, we can suffer from fungus infection in our lungs.

Bats enter the house through any openings such as the chimney, cracks in the roof, and poorly insulated attic. And you may not notice bats infestation until the fecal matters have piled up and caused irritating smells.

To overcome such trouble, you can call an exterminator to do a regular check up on your house. They know how to exterminate the bats efficiently. Doing it by yourself still leaves the chances for the bats to go back and cause another infestation.

Second, you can also improve the insulation of your house’ attic. Search for house services that handle attic insulation restoration from bat guano damage. They can neatly repair and clean up the mess of bats infestation in the attic.

Rodents Infestation

rat among utensilsRodent infestation is far worse than the bats. Rodents thrive in leftover food and clogged drainage. They can breed inside the house and bring diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid, rabies, respiratory syndrome, and signs of allergies. And if you have not known it, Bubonic Plague in the middle ages was caused by rodents. And the disease wiped out nearly half of the human population in Europe. You surely do not want them at your home, do you?

To control rodent infestation, you must keep your house free from leftover food and piled-up waste. Repair clogged drainage and sewer immediately. And you should check if there are holes or openings that may enable a rodent to enter the house. Do not be reluctant to put rat’s traps and poison in the places where the rodents are most likely to live.

If you find out that there are multiple spots of rodents infestation, call an exterminator. Consult them if there is anything you can do to prevent the same thing from happening again in the future.

Ticks Infestation

disease-carrying tickThere are many types of ticks. The most dangerous ones are Lyme ticks, Dog Ticks, and Lone Star ticks. They are the most common ticks that infect people in America. And people with pets are the ones most vulnerable to the tick’s bite.

What you can do to prevent ticks infestation at home is to vacuum regularly. Sofas, beds, and other furniture with cushioning are tick’s favorite place to breed and live. Also, you must bring your pets to a vet to do a regular checkup. Knowing in advance about ticks infestation on the pet can prevent those little fellas from spreading their minions at home.

Pest exterminator is also a good option once the infestation is severe. Usually, they will fog the entire house with pesticide. And it will take hours for the process to finish.