How To Clean Your Windows Effectively

Clean windows involve a hassle as everyone knows. Windows are an essential part of a house. They provide enough lighting and ventilation making the house to be more relaxing. So, it is nice to clean your windows whenever you can to keep them clean. Cleaning windows is not a tough task as you can do it by yourself. The following are tips to consider when cleaning your windows.

Schedule For Your Cleaningjdnrjrg

When cleaning your windows, you should prepare first. Do that by gathering the items required for cleaning. The proper tools you should have are clean clothes, a sponge, cleaning bucket and the cleaning solution. It will be recommended to clean you window on a cloudy day rather on a sunny day. Because on a sunny day the windows will dry before they are wiped nicely which may cause streaks.

Wash The Windows

Fill your bucket with warm water and a little soap of your choice. You can also add a little vinegar if you wish. Remove any dirt from the window like cobwebs. Depending on how the window is you will have an idea on how hard to scrub it especially if it has traces of paint. Utilize your squeegee to clean the already washed part of the window. It is important to squeegee the edge in contact with the glass to stop ant streaks. Utilize a piece of cloth to wipe the window and remove the extra water and dirt. Do another stroke and remember to clean the blade after you complete, continue doing so until you reach the bottom of the window.

Dry Your Window

ufhgrUse a newspaper, paper towel or squeegee to wipe the window. Begin drying the window from the upper corner while moving the cleaning tool right down. All the strokes made should continue from one side of the window to another going in the same direction. Remember to wipe the blade if you are utilizing a squeegee after every stroke to stop streaks. Complete by wiping are the remains of water by letting it dry or by using a clean, dry cloth.

These simple steps will enable you to get a clean window if followed. You will increase your chances of having clean, great looking windows. It is important to clean your windows to provide a welcoming appearance. Cleaning is essential for preserving the glass of the windows. It isn’t a must for you to hire a cleaning company to clean your windows.